The Hatfield Quality Meats website received a rebuild between 2012 and 2013 that included moving the website into a CMS and updating the design with a new, responsive theme.

The project was also a way to reassess, remove or improve any content or functionality on the website.

Importing Existing Content

The old website relied on two databases for products and recipes and included over 300 items and I decided that it made more sense to spend time creating a import process rather than transfer the content by hand.

Some of the content would have to be hand edited but I made the process easier by dumping the old content into temporary fields for quick reference or to copy from.


After reviewing the usage of users favoriting, rating and commenting on recipes it was decided to remove these features from the website.

The social media sharing found on recipes and products replaced the functionality that these features offered.

But because these features were removed that allowed us to simplify the user section by replacing the registration system with a simple email form.

This allows Hatfield to collect eblast info and let people, quickly get any coupons being offered on the website.

Mailing Export

During the past three years it was often necessary to export registered users to an Excel document for eblasts. Other times these email lists required a coupon link for each user.

I built into the Umbraco dashboard is a custom panel, using a usercontrol to export registered users. It allows for admins to provide coupon information to auto generate the links with each email address.

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