The Discovery Zone website for PA Virtual Charter School is a Flash website built using the Gaia Framework.

The site uses a combination of ActionScript and stage layout to manage design and content.

The site uses the PHP class Mobile_Detect to detect mobile devices and redirects the visitor the main PAVCS website.

The Discovery Zone relies on two forms that send a POST with the form values to a PHP page and validates and saves the entries to a MySQL database.

Results of the request are then return to the website to be displayed.

This was my first experience working with the Gaia Framework and if I needed to build another website in Flash I’d use it again.

The setup Gaia offers to get a site up and running is amazing and the ability to manage pages separately gives a developer a lot of flexibility.

Almost all of the pages rely on the same SWF to display the images, videos and movieclips as scrollable sections.

These sections are customizable through Gaia’s XML file.

During development the videos and video player were switched over to use the Vimeo Moogaloop player.

Integrating the Vimeo player into the project was easy and so was implementing the full screen functionality into the website.

The ease of development that you get with the Gaia Framework makes the project easy to maintain and if necessary update. The ability for pages to be updated through XML also means that the client can make their own changes in the future.