A new website for Clemens Food Group consumer brands built with the latest version of Umbraco.

The best improvement to Umbraco was the ability to use Razor scripts in templates and for macros instead of XSLT or usercontrols.

With the ability to use C# and Razor to fetch and display data I aimed to make as much of the site editable though the backend.


During development of the site it was decided to add products to the website and that they should have their own admin rather than use Umbraco page nodes.

This was my first experience having to work with pages that would not exist in Umbraco but still required being maintained through Umbraco.

The admin was built using Web Forms and usercontrols and then integrated into a new section of Umbraco.

The product section uses URL Rewritting to turn the clean URLs into querystring values.

The template for the brand pages handle whether or not to display the brand content or product content by looking at querystring values.

I used PetaPoco on both the admin and front end to save and retrieve the product data.


The homepage has a Flash banner with a slider for brand logos.

I used non-page nodes to let editors set the banner and logo image and provide the text for the content box.

A custom template with Razor macro was created for a page that would be used to generate an XML file that the Flash banner reads from in order to stay editable by editors.


A final touch was setting up a sub domain to serve static files from to help improve caching and page speed.

This website also an introduction to the awesome uComponents package.

It had been half a year since the last website I built with Umbraco and the improvements to 4.7 made the whole process a real joy.

Having to extend Umbraco with custom data and display it was a great learning experience in what is capable with Umbraco.