Allebach Communication’s projects and work for Alouette Cheese.


Alouette Cheese maintenance (2011)

Before creating the new Alouette Cheese website I was responsible for making updates and changes to the older website.

Maintenance included updating or creating recipes and products. Updating the Flash on the homepage and recipe search.

Some of these changes could be made through the website’s custom CMS, while others had to be made as files on the server.

Portion Size Me Summer Book Tour (2012)

The tour section would feature videos and photos of Alouette’s book tour locations.

This section of the website was added during the development of the new website. Because the tour wasn’t something that would be repeated and had already been finished it was decided not to integrate it into the new website.

Due to time I decided it would be faster to create a new website rather than try to work through the existing website.

I used ASP.NET Web Pages and was able to quickly recreate the template and all the pages.

Chavrie (2012)

The Chavrie website was a relatively fast website project built in Umbraco.

Following the new Alouette Cheese website, the Chavrie website was a iteration, using a lot of the same setup, Razor files and structure as the Alouette Cheese website.

Alouette Foodservice (2012)

A small website for Alouette that I had to migrate to a new server and do some updates on.