Work on Power Home Remodeling Group (formally Power Windows and Siding) websites and projects between 2010 and 2012 for Allebach Communications.

Work included

  • Website development
  • Website maintenance
  • Flash development
  • Server management
  • Server transfer
  • Facebook applications

Projects included

  • Power Home Remodeling Group
  • PHRG Green
  • PHRG Newsroom
  • PHRG Reviews
  • Total Care Installs
  • My PHRG

Power Home Remodeling Group (2010)

My main role with PHRG was maintenance and website creation.

In 2010 I rebuilt the PHRG website in WordPress in order to allow the client to make their own updates.

The WordPress integration included bringing over much of the website’s existing content and functionality, including the forms that had been built.

These forms were my first real experience with managing and maintaining a legacy system.

Over the course of the website’s life I provided maintenance and page creation, form management, duplication and creation.

Part of maintaining the legacy forms was that I had to integrate their third-party chat service so that their call center could automatically receive form submissions as chat messages.

This had to be implemented as a round-robin style so that messages would be sent to a different representative each time. This was accomplished with PHP and tracking the sent messages with database table.

PHRG Green (2010)

PHRG Green is a small website for PHRG to focus on energy saving tips. It was originally built as a static website using Dreamweaver to manage the pages.

It was later moved into WordPress.

PHRG Newsroom (2011)

The PHRG Newsroom was another WordPress website for PHRG to promote news, articles and links.

Total Care Installs (2010)

A small static website that I primarily did maintenance on including: updating forms, creating and changing pages and copy and other website updates.

My PHRG (2011)

A small, internal website for PHRG to manage information for their employees, regarding their move to new offices. It was built in WordPress.