PHRG Reviews was a WordPress website built to let customers leave reviews for PHRG.

This was my first serious work with PHP and MySQL where I had to create a form, save the data to a database and create a WordPress plugin to allow admins to manage the reviews.

Warranty Form (2011)

The website was updated with a new form to allow visitors to submit their warranty information. This new form was exactly the same as the old form except with some additional fields.

This required thinking about how these warranties, which may have reviews would be saved and managed.

I had to create a second plugin for WordPress in order to allow a admin to export the entries between a certain date range into Excel.

Delayed Messages (2011)

PHRG wanted to reach out to users who left five star reviews with a thank you email.

They wanted this email to be sent after several hours rather than when the reviewer submitted the form.

I created a new database table to save (custom) messages that needed to be sent. I created a system, with PHP to pull the records that met the time requirement and sent the messages.

The system was called using a cron job on the server.

Two Step Update (2012)

In October 2012 I updated the form based on client needs. It was a chance to update and simplify and cleanup the form logic and remove unused features like the image upload.

Depending on a user’s rating you could be prompted to leave a review on the website or asked to leave reviews on third-party websites.