This is a collection of various projects for Hatfield Quality Meats.

The Hatfield Quality Meats website was redesigned and built in 2010.

Since building the website I have provided maintenance, development of splash pages, adding new features and the creation of Facebook applications.


Summer Ham Steaks Coupon Email (2011)

I created a console application that would update a database table with new, auto generated coupon URLs, which I then exported to Excel and handed over for sending.

The newsletter service allowed you to customize emails with additional data in different columns allowing users to receive a unique coupon link.

Chef’s Kitchen (2011)

Four pages for three chefs and recipes for each.

I had to make use of Wufoo’s form rules to check the promo code to decide which page to redirect the user after submitting the form.

Responsive Layout (2011)

Certain recipes on the HQM website required being mobile friendly for a holiday in-store QR code promotion.

I figured that it would just be easier to update the whole website to a mobile layout then just a few pages. I implemented the mobile design with CSS3 Media Queries, applying it to the whole website.

Show Us Your Sizzle (2012)

The Show Us Your Sizzle promotion involved the creation of a Facebook page, new website page and an update to the website homepage.

The highlight of the promotion was the homepage updates. The update involved creating a callout that would play a sizzle sound effect. I opted to use HTML5 and JavaScript to play and control the audio file.

Eventually a Wufoo form was added to the Facebook promotion to reward fans of the page a coupon.