Allebach Communications redesigned their website for September 2010. The website was built in Flash from scratch with ActionScript 3.

It was my first experience in building a website entirely in Flash. In the end I rolled-my-own system for loading and displaying content.

The website used an XML file to provide content for the pages and portfolio section, making it dynamic and updatable.

The portfolio’s audio and video players went through revisions where the audio player became more complicated and the video player became less complicated.

The audio player was built and tested outside of the website project and easily integrated when it was ready.

It was a good experience in building a site in Flash with your own framework and why you shouldn’t.

Update to Gaia Framework (2012)

In January 2012 some updates were needed to the site including a new section for news. I decided to take the opportunity to rebuild the website with the Gaia Framework.

Updating the website to Gaia would make future updates easier and make my original goal better: easy-to-update pages and content.

I would need to recreate each page, set up the navigation links and recreate the visuals. The only that didn’t change was the portfolio, which just became a loaded SWF.

The benefits of switching over to the framework included:

  • Page urls
  • Much less code. All of the site functionality is handled by the framework
  • Easier to create and manage pages