I started at Imirage as an intern and moved to a full-time employee, working there from 2006 to 2008.

Over those years I worked on a variety of properties and projects for a wide range of clients.

My primary role at Imirage was maintenance and template creation. It was during this time when I was able to move from table based layouts to semantic HTML, styled with CSS.

Roles included

  • Content integration
  • PHP maintenance
  • Flash development and maintenance
  • Website maintenance
  • Website development (static and CMS)

Clients and projects included

  • APCI Federal Credit Union Kids Klub
  • AXIM Concrete Technologies Inc.
  • Bill’s Khakis
  • Brazil Gourmet
  • Campaign Westminster
  • Concannon, Miller & Co.
  • Evan’s Delivery Company
  • Falcon Safety Dr. Dust-Off
  • Falcon Safety Dust-Off Zone
  • Falcon Safety Products
  • Falcon Safety Shop Falcon
  • Falcon Safety Signal Horns
  • FFE Minerals
  • Fujinon Endoscopy
  • Gentex
  • Imirage
  • Imirage, LLC
  • Just Born Candy
  • Just Born Candy Peanut Chews
  • Lehigh Carbon Community College
  • Lehigh Valley Aviation Services
  • Lehigh Valley Aviation Services - Queen City Airport
  • Mack Trucks
  • Mack Trucks SCR
  • Neuromonics
  • Quakertown National Bank
  • Quadrant Plastics
  • Quadrant EPP
  • Schering-Plough Aquaculture
  • Silberline
  • Serostim
  • Serostim HCP
  • Serostim HIV Wasting
  • Serostim Community Clicks
  • Sunroom Pro’s
  • Third-Order Nanotechnologies Announcement Print
  • The Window Pros
  • Universal Fabric Structures
  • Wall Street West (temporary website)
  • Wall Street West